Unmatched Comfort with Neuvo Executive Office Chair

In today’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle, it is important that office chairs are chosen more carefully so as to deliver the highest levels of comfort and functionality to the people. Not everybody’s working style and requirements are the same. Some may need to be on the go and work standing; others might need a fixed environment with a seating configuration. To enhance productivity and convenience of the people, Neuvo Executive Chairs are designed to deliver supreme levels of comfort and versatility that perfectly blends with modern work environment.

Get Exclusive Range of Neuvo Executive Chairs at Office Domain Australia

Office Domain is dedicated to bring life to office spaces, offering a fantastic range of Neuvo Executive Chairs, designed to perfection and comfort. It is one of the leading providers of excellent quality office furniture to meet the unique requirements, with a matchless expertise in executive chairs with an array of delightful choices. An exclusive range of Neuvo Executive Chairs available at Office Domain are remarkably functional, with handy features and ergonomic fit that delivers premier level of comfort to the people in the offices. In simple words, Office Domain strives to enhance the productivity of people by providing them a highly functional and rewarding work experience.

Neuvo Executive Chair – Key Features


This unique and functional executive chair is intricately designed to offer utmost comfort to you, while exuding a distinct charm and aura that represents style and elegance. Ergonomically designed, the chair provides superior comfort and added support to your back and neck while seated. Heavy-duty mesh ensures supreme durability and resilience. The sleek, stylish look with your choice of fabric seat and upholstery further adds to the glamour of the chair.


Neuvo Executive Chair is exceptionally functional in nature, which can be easily adjusted as per your preference and work style. It features infinite back and seat angle locking mechanism that provides the highest level of safety while you relax at work. It also comes with seat height adjustment and seat sliding option, catering to your discerning needs to work diligently or simply relax. Neuvo executive chairs also come with optional head rest and optional adjustable lumbar support for added convenience. The revolving wheels beneath facilitates mobility with ease and convenience.


The stylish executive chairs are available in different sizes and you can choose one that best fits your height and body. You can also customize Neuvo executive chairs as per your unique needs at Office Domain Australia.


Adding to the delight, the Neuvo executive mesh chair is available in multiple color choices such as black, white, blue, red, and green. So, whatever the style of your work space is, choose a colour that best suits your personality and taste.


Neuvo Executive Chairs come with a 5-year warranty.

Add style and function to your work space with fantastic Neuvo executive chairs at Office Domain Australia.

Tips on How to Spruce Up the Interiors at Work


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Have you taken a look at the interiors at most work places these days? Fabulous and one of a kind, isn’t it? As soon as we walk into any of the work zones, our visual senses are greeted with colours and decor, splashed in all finesse. However, let’s be very honest here, some companies have interiors that can be an eyesore. They simply overdo it to prove a point or may have forgotten to hire the right service vendors who could have done a great job with Office fitouts. Nevertheless, we are here not to condemn or criticize anyone, but to let you know that if your office interior needs a make-over, we have a few tips in store for you. Hence, please read on and be well-informed for the same.


Employees Feel Nice

One big thing as a business owner for you to remember is, employees feel nice if the workspace around is cosy and comfortable. You may wonder why spend on service providers such as office fitouts Sydney or others to doll up the interiors at work? Fact of the matter is, if you have employees that are happy with the mise-en-scene at work, bet your money the productivity around would be ten times by the end of the year.

It is a chain reaction, when employees are happy; they speak high of the company outside. When word spreads around, more customers would walk in, all because the workspace is so welcoming and only positive talks prevail. If your venture cannot afford one of the interior designer’s services, fret not anymore. You can have refurbishments, re-planning and a little minor adjustment here and there, which would make a big difference.

Have You Looked at The Floors?

The floors take most of the pressure everyday, believe it or not. The best flooring material would be one that is obviously of high quality, but the right colours too should be chosen. Apart from the elegant look it provides to the zones around, it also needs to be durable and sturdy. Remember, it takes the most pressure round the clock. If the floor is carpeted, try something new or replace the old carpets. Tiles or stone floors can be polished and repaired. There is so much you can do with what office fitouts Sydney Services vendors can do for cheap.

The Walls Have Emotions Too

They say the energy of the office is stored in it’s walls, so keep them happy and cheerful at all times. Ask your employees for suggestions on paint colours for the walls. It could be a little time consuming, but worth it. If painting is too expensive, check with office fitouts to provide you with options on wallpapers, which can highlight the main areas of the work space. Mix and match, or simple wallpaper the whole office, the choice is yours. Get creative and wow your internal and external employers.

Then Right Furniture Please

When talking of the office interior decor refurbishments, do not forget that furniture plays a big role too. Say goodbye to the old and dilapidated wooden or metal furniture, and bring in the new. It would be state of the art, ergonomic, safe for the employees to use and everyone would love being at work too. 

While renovating the office, please do not ignore the fact that safety for the employees and visitors should be of prime concern. Speak with reputed office fitouts services across the state and learn more on how to decorate the office and keep it safe too.

Plan And Execute The Right Office Fitouts Sydney Has On Offer


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It is but a daunting task to get the office fitted with brand new furnishings, a lot of time can be consumed in doing so. However, if you hire any of the Office Fitouts Sydney service vendors out there, the experience wouldn’t be as hassling or time consuming as it seems to be. Now before you hire any of the service providers out there, it is important for you to check with your own needs first.

Plan you Office Fitouts

Today we would like to share some tips on how to get the office furniture chosen and how to hire such service vendors too. It’s all about the cost, so allocate a budget accordingly for the same. And do not for once forget the office space usage, and how you would want to divide the departments within.

In addition to that, get a hold on the industry your company caters to, and this would then help you to choose the right décor which would speak high about your company’s way of work.

A Few Tips To Execute an Office Fit Out Plan Successfully 

  • Check online and speak with at least four to five fitout companies and service providers. Tell them your aims and how you want to achieve those. They should send over an inspection team and sit to discuss the same with you. The project managers should list down all your requirements and give you a deadline for the completion as well. Apart from that, they should also provide you with free estimates for the task at hand. Take the written estimates and compare them with other fitout companies that you have spoken to. Remember, the estimates should be on the company’s letterhead, not otherwise and no verbal decisions should be considered as final and binding.
  • When talking about the quality of fitouts to be used, make no compromises on the same. A thorough check should be done on the quality of materials being used. It would be wise to start small, which means use one space area at a time instead of refurbishing the whole office at once, this would not affect your business as usual norms.
  • Lights, ventilation, sounds and vision can be used effectively; hence the service providers you choose should cater to the same. This is why it would be wise to check with the clients they have catered to in the past; you would understand the levels of satisfaction by speaking with them.

The Office Fitouts Sydney has should be in sync with the nature of your work, and it should also help you enhance the reputation of your company too.

Tips on how to shop for and buy the right contemporary office furniture


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There is a wave of trends in commercial office furniture, which has taken the corporate world by storm in this day and age. It is however an overwhelming task to get things organized, especially when deciding on dressing the office you own with chic and cost-effective contemporary office furniture. A lot of thought and planning goes in selecting the right office fixtures and furniture for the work area. When as an owner you whole heartedly look into the minute details, there are plenty of rewards that you could benefit from, doing the same. For example, employees would be comfortable and happy at work, and this means a healthy work environment for them, which brings more on the table with regard to productivity for you.

Moreover, with the right office furniture, high impressions and notable talks would do the rounds, positively on score of what your company or the brand stands for. Professionalism would be spoken high off and clients would love visiting your work place, time and again. Hence, make no bones when selecting your furniture for work places. Today we would like to share a few tips on the same with you.

Budget it well


You first should know your financial limits when planning to pick up office furniture. Do not go overboard spending to impress clients, but impress yourself and the internal employees. The online world has a wide range of contemporary furniture and across various price points too. However, quality doesn’t mean too costly and do not compromise for cheap and bulk. Think if you want to invest in high quality and expensive office furniture for that contemporary look? Is it worth it?

Match the mise-en-scene


The nature of the workplace should be matched, and we mean, pick the right furniture for the offices’ ambience. Check the size of the professional arena, large rooms may need storage space much more than rooms that is small and minimal. The furniture should be multi-functional, and should help the employees maximise with their use. When you know the number of rooms and the size or space usage of each room, selecting office furniture for that contemporary look would be easy. Remember, the decor of the office speaks a lot about the way your business is. A traditional look works for traditional occupations, such as banking, consulting and more. Those in the publishing, media, fashion and other consumer entertainment or consumer centric industries would look for aesthetically pleasing and functional office furniture.

Choose the right seating arrangements


Long working hours and the behinds of many are at risk, especially if the spine and pelvic regions are not given that much needed support. When selecting office chairs, ensure you pay good attention, they should offer support and comfort, especially to the spine, arms and the back. Check online for ergonomic friendly chairs. It would also be nice to have a word with the employees around and ask them for suggestions. A happy workplace is one that cares for it’s employees.

The trends on contemporary office furniture are large and wide for anyone to choose from. To know which would be the best for your venture, do consult with experts online.

Eona Meeting Table – An effective Option for Meeting Table


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Table is one of the most vital elements of your office furniture and choosing the right table should not be taken lightly. Tables in office can be applied for various purposes like as a meeting table, as employee table, as a reception table etc.  A meeting table is the place where so many significant issues are discussed within the employees and many important decisions are taken sometimes with the clients as well. Comfy Meeting table plays a foremost role to the customers in taking decisions in your favour.

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An ideal Meeting Table with luxury and classy looks enables to cater your need of comfortable ambiance in the workplace.  Office Domain is premium Office Furniture Company in Sydney Introduces Eona Meeting Table that can cater all your office needs. This functional Eona Meeting Table comes with heaps of features.


This Meeting Table offers you the flexibility to choose as per your desired size, shape, width, length and specific colour to match with your office interiors.  Top of the table is available in options of Melamine, Veneer and Polyurethane. You can choose the best suitable for your business type.  Melamine top can be an ideal option for sophisticated businesses to have a corporate look whereas the business having rough type of work can go for Timber Veneer top.  Leg finish has also options to select from high quality polished aluminium, black powder coated or textured aluminium.  Don’t bother for power facility and installation. Holes for cable access are also offered.

Available Shape and Size: 

            Length: 1800mm – 8000mm

            Depth 800mm – 1500mm 


100% Australian made Eona Meeting Table comes with 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty.

Do not wait any more, pick up your phone and call on 1300 778 887 to make an order for this elegant Meeting table.

Top 3 Staff Chairs at Office Domain – Ultimate Comfort With Style


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When you are going to spend more than 10 hours a day in your in your office,  your office chair should be comfortable enough. The office chair is the pivotal part of your office furniture and it cannot be tolerated to compromise on the quality of chairs.  The poor quality chair may lead you to severe body pain and backache. You should think of ergonomic office chairs first that gives maximum comfort and complete backrest along with the right posture that support to your body.

Being a leader in office furniture business, Office Domain based in Sydney brings to you myriads of office chair options that can be customized in size, shapes, colors and adjustments as per your needs.

Let us take a review on top 3 Staff office chairs at Office Domain:

Neuvo Executive Office Chairs:

Classy and Trendy Neuvo Executive Boardroom chair comes with options of Black, White, Blue, Red & Green colors in heavy duty mesh.  Fully adjustable chair with infinite back and seat angle with locking system. You can adjust seat height and seat slide to the right posture. Headrest and adjustable Lumbar support are optional feature.

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Ranata Office  Chairs :

This Fully ergo mechanism Ronata Office Chairs is strategically designed with 48-61cm H x 50cm W x 50cm D of Seat Dimensions and 54cm H x 42cm W of Back Dimensions particularly caters needs of comfort.  110kg rated  chair covered in fabric upholstery, nylon base and high density molded foam on seat and back for durability. Back and seat angles are adjustable in any position. Arms with designer arm pads are adjustable to your height. Adding the pleasure It comes with the option of high or medium back, ratchet back height adjustment and gas height adjuster.

Obus Executive Office Chair:

The stylish and functional Obus executive office chair is made of  Swivel mechanism angle with tension adjustment and lockable system in any position.  110kg rated chair manufactured with  fabric upholstery, protected nylon base, polyurethane loop arms, a back support system and gas height adjuster. Headrest on high back and adjustable arms are offered to provide extra relief to the user. When it comes to choosing chair for executive staff, this can be an ideal option that gives style and authoritarian feelings.

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Essential Tips for Maintaining your Office and Office Furniture


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An office with multiple workers can easily get messy. With the hustle bustle of the work life-executing different projects, meeting their individual deadlines etc. Keep the employees very busy to take care of the office furniture and supplies on a daily basis.

However, it’s the responsibility of each office staff to keep their work station neat and tidy, as much as possible. They should see to it that the office space remains clutter free. A great way to keep the office organised on a daily basis is to keep the things back exactly in the same place from where they took it. This has to be done right after they are done with a particular file, CD etc.

If your office has mostly wooden furniture, then you are lucky as they are easy to take care of. However, you must see to it, that you dust it with a dry or slightly damp cloth at regular intervals, so that too much dust don’t get accumulated on them, such that it becomes difficult to clean them at a later point.

It is wise to get termite treatment done from a reputed company to avoid any damage caused due to termite infection.

Remember to use coasters and table mats, to avoid any kind of stains caused due to food and beverages.

If there are leather chairs in your office, then you need to be extra careful as leather requires proper care. Do not expose your leather Office Furniture to direct sunlight. Also, use cleaners, especially meant for cleaning leather stuff. If you use just any abrasive cleanser that contains alcohol, it might damage the leather.

If you have purchased used furniture, get them polished before you start using them. This will not only add sheen to the furniture but will also make them long lasting.

Due to constant usage, office furniture, especially Office Tables is prone to getting scratched very easily. In order to prevent scratches, use table protectors, blotters, desk pads to maintain their look.

If there are water stains on your office furniture, then the best way to remove them is by using a mildly hot iron. The heat generated by the iron will dry out the moisture on the furniture. However, don’t put the iron directly on the surface, instead use a towel and put the heated iron on top of it. Repeat the process a couple of times, till the stain disappears.

Many people opt for professional office cleaning services who take the responsibility of maintaining the office environment and the furniture to make them last a long time. They are well equipped with the latest products and techniques to restore office items for long term use.

If all the staff of the company work together and cooperate with each other, then an office can be easily maintained to everyone’s satisfaction. Remember, setting up an office and installing the furniture is a big investment, don’t let all your hard earned money go to waste. So, pay attention towards keeping your office clean and maintaining all its furniture and supplies, so that not only all the employees are motivated to work in the office but also your customers are impressed with your set up.

Top 5 Executive Office Desks at Office Domain


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Every business tries to provide the effective and productive office furniture to their employees for maximum output and to provide the best possible ambience in office. Office Desk is the prime facet of your office furniture that cannot be ignored. There are so many tasks that you perform daily on your office desk in hours on end. Office Desks can be found in a myriad of shapes and designs moreover they are available in various materials. We at Office Domain introduce a greater range of Office Desks for Sydney offices and corporations. There is variety of Office Desks at different prices on stock at Office Domain. Let’s take a look to the top 10 executive office desks that give maximum functionality with stylish and corporate looks.

Symmetry Executive Office Desk

This unmatched modular executive office desk system is an ideal choice for managerial level employees. Symmetry Executive Office Desk facilitates with accessories and extra storage of mobile pedestals, bookcase cupboard, bookshelf, and hinge door Credenza. This tailor made office desk can be available in your desired shapes and sizes. You will have the flexibility to choose in desktop finishes.

Grove Corner Desk

Grove Corner Desk as a functional piece of executive office desk adds an impression of your office. Manufactured with white powder coated legs and the desktop available in of 25mm & 33mm radius corners. The myriad of choices presents in desktop finishes. White and Beech desktops are accessible for express delivery.

Cubit Executive Desk

The modern Cubit Executive Desk can be customised as per your convenience. It gives you flexibility to choose your desired colours, materials, size and shapes. It’s silver or white powder coated legs and sleek desktop finishes enhances its glamor. You can choose colour for legs and frames that reflects to your office furniture. 50mm square tube frame and addition storage options are also offered with cable management built. You can opt this for staff and mid-level management.

Balance Corner Desk

Balance Corner Desk – a Distinctive piece of office desk that totally reforms your office ambience. It is available in L shape and rectangular shape. It is manufactured of 50mm of square tube frame and legs with white powder coat that gives a sophisticated professional look. It is possible to customise it based on your office needs. This desk accompanying with additional accessories of Mobile Pedestals, Partitions, Shelving for files, Pen Box, and phone holder.

Diplomat Executive Desk

The neat and elegant Diplomat Executive Desk is an excellent option for your executive office that featured with matching drawers; mobile pedestals with Stuttgart handle and multi lock system. Sleek designed Desk made of 2250L x 2070W x 750H of radius and Buffet is 1800L x 520W x 770H of radius.

Each desk comes with 10 years of the manufacturer’s warranty at Office Domain .

Hutch – Executive Boardroom Storage – Corporates Must Have


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It is not surprising to hear about storage problems in offices. For an office, it can be a major hassle to keep handy the all bunch of files, bunch of papers and other accessories. Selecting the right office storage system can be the ultimate solution to overcome these challenges. Various storage systems are offered in market available in fancy designs and various materials.

Office Domain is a family owned and operated office furniture business in Australia. It has earned the reputation and experience in offering high quality office furniture and office fitout services to Sydney, NSW. At Office Domain, there is a myriad variety of office storage available from the filling system to executive boardroom storage.

Hutch Storage System is the unmatched executive boardroom storage system that every corporate must have.


This storage system can be customised as per your requirement to make it compatible to your workstation. The best designed Hutch storage system is a space saving storage system comes with multiple compartments. You will have the choice in door to select from Melamine, Glass with frame and frameless glass. It can be present to keep your all files and other materials in presenting way. By implementing a professional look and functionality it is structured to 25mm tops and sides with an optional down lights. You can have the adjustable shelving of 18mm construction with optional lock system. All the visible edges manufactured using 2mm High impact Resistant PVC/ABS.

Hutch office storage system makes your files, mobile and other accessories easily accessible and manageable. It is easy to transport and can be fit for every budget. You have the flexibility to choose from 20 colours that best reflects to your office interior.

Size: Hutch storage solution comes with the size of:

  • Height: 1080mmH, 1380mmH
  • Depth:  300mmD, 450mmD, 600mmD
  • Length: 900mmL – 2400mm


This storage system comes with 10 years of manufacturer’s warranty and quick delivery within 4 weeks.

H80s Office Chairs – Fully Ergo Mechanism


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Choosing right office chairs for your office is a challenging task. Usually we spend more than 10 hours a day in the office. So office chairs must be comfortable enough. Style and looks also should be considered while choosing office chairs. There are different types of chairs in the market available for different level of employees. These are the parameters; that reflect your decision of selecting right office chairs.

Office Domain is a leader in Office Furniture and office fit out business based in Australia Sydney. Office Domain offers a range of exclusive office chairs for Sydney Offices. The H80 Office Chair is the unmatched piece of office chair from the range.

H80 Office Chairs is fully ergo mechanism office chair.

Flexible Design: Tailored architecture of H80 Office chair is to meet your all expectations. Fully adjustment feature that can be altered to High or medium to back height and back angle. Arms are also optionally adjustable. It is fully covered with fabric upholstery, high density moulded foam on seat and back, plastic outer back, reinforce nylon base and Gas height adjuster. Its lockable system supports in any position.

Size and shape:

  • Rated to 110 kg
  • Seat Dimensions: 45-59cm H x 50cm W x 46cm D
  • Draughtsman Dimensions: 65-91cm H x 50cm W x 46cm D
  • Back Dimensions: 41cm H x 42cm D

Warranty: Australian made H80 Office chair is AFRDI approved to AS/NZS 4438:1997 and comes with 10 years of the manufacturer’s warranty.